CSR and Innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation

With regard to the research focus of this project, the influence of SMEs’ social responsibility on the individual phases of the innovation process is to be researched. In order to support SMEs’ sustainability endeavours   appropriate instruments and tools will be designed. Hereupon, recommendations for the optimization or implementation of a sustainable innovation process in SMEs will be derived, depending on their respective CSR strategy and CSR objectives. As a large number of SMEs are family-owned business, the specifics of these kind of companies will be analysed in depth. The results of our research will contribute significantly to Austrian companies achieving an innovative edge through the involvement of stakeholder groups and getting a head start to tackle current challenges in the sustainability debate. A further focus is the performance measurement of CSR-driven innovation. To support these efforts, the development or adaptation of CSR-oriented controlling instruments for sustainable innovation processes in SMEs is envisaged.