IMC Krems at a glance

The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems specialises in providing university-level education with a strong international and practical focus.

References from employers and graduates in Austria and abroad are testimony to the outstanding quality of the University’s Bachelor and Master degree programmes.

We offer full- and part-time Bachelor and Master degree programmes in Business, Engineering, Health Sciences and Life Sciences.

Diversity is a major priority in our teaching programme, and the IMC Krems uses a range of approaches, including small-group courses, project-based activities, workshops and outdoor training.

The combination of academic and business-related expertise is the cornerstone of state-of-the-art teaching, and also plays a significant part in opening up excellent career prospects for students.

A strong practical element is an integral part of our degree programmes, and many students forge a relationship with their future employer during their internships.

One of the major pillars of the University’s activities is an international outlook.

For IMC Krems students “going international” means

  • completing an internship abroad
  • spending a semester at one of our +140 partner universities around the world
  • participating in international research projects
  • developing language skills in one of the three English-language degree programmes 
  • attending numerous lectures given by speakers and visiting professors from abroad