IMC Alumni Award



The objective of the IMC Alumni Award is to recognise and highlight achievements in the categories listed below. The IMC Krems aims to illustrate the significance of the awardees as vital stakeholder for their university.

Criteria for nomination

1. Mandatory criteria

Nominees must have graduated from IMC Krems at least five years ago. Graduates are classified as students who obtained a Mag. (FH), BA or MA degree from the university.

2. Categories

Starting with the study year 2015/16, the IMC Alumni Awards will be awarded in the categories listed below. Per category, a maximum of two awards will be allocated. The managing team of the IMC Krems reserves itself the right to decide on the number of awards granted in each category (none/one/two).

Category: Career advancement or successful entrepreneurship
Honours a high level of professional success. Possible scenarios include successful self-employment or star-up entrepreneurship or an exceedingly successful career as an employee in Austria or abroad.

Category: Extraordinary commitment to the IMC Krems
Honours a sustainable, long-lasting commitment to the IMC Krems. Possible scenarios include being an IMC Alumni Ambassador, a mentor in the scope of the IMC Career Lounge, a supporter at the IMC openhouse, a guest or part-time lecturer, an expert lecturer, a provider of practical training semester/applied research and training semester placements or a sponsor.

Category: Special recognition in the field of research and academia
Honours a successful academic career in Austria or abroad or an important occupational, social or academic achievement in the industry in the form of awards, medals or impressive publications.

Category: Sports/Culture/Art/Corporate Social Responsibility
Honours outstanding achievements in the field of sports, culture and art, as well as exceptional social, charitable or environmental commitment. Accomplishments may be either in professional or private context.

Mode of allocation

Nomination procedure

The nomination may be carried out in two different formats. Firstly, the alumnus or alumna may directly apply for the award. In addition, a nomination by the IMC Krems (managing team, department or programme directors) is possible.

1. Application by the alumnus or alumna

You submit your single-page application document describing why you qualify for a specific category, your CV and a portrait photo until the end of April  to the IMC Krems.

In addition, the Xing or LinkedIn profile can be indicated as it may contain valuable additional information. In this regard, the membership in the IMC Krems group on Xing or LinkedIn is a precondition.

The closing date for nominations is 30 April. The nominee will be informed about the outcome of the application as of the end of June.

2. Nomination by the IMC Krems

The nomination is submitted by the managing body of the IMC Krems or by department or programme directors in written format with reference to the established categories.

Selection of awardees

The selection process conducted by the managing team of IMC Krems is concluded by the end of June. Afterwards the awardees will be notified and invited to the award ceremony that takes place during the annual Home Coming Weekend.

If you have any questions please contact:
Christiana Weiss
Alumni Relations
Tel. +43 (0)2732 802 ext. 540 or +43 (0)664 8581855 (mobile)

“In keeping with the academic pledge which you have made, the IMC Alumni Award promotes social responsibility, the protection of natural resources and livelihoods, and continued links with your university. I am delighted that we will be presenting these awards annually under the new categories.”

Prof. Eva Werner