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IMC Krems awarded degrees in total (as of July 2018): 9,280

The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Alumni Network gives graduates in Austria and abroad (including those from our transnational programmes) a host of opportunities to stay in contact with their alma mater. It is the main point of contact for alumni and aims to maintain the close personal ties that graduates forged during their studies.

Our main priorities are promoting long-term relations with the university, as well as social networking, enhanced knowledge transfer, and the involvement of graduates in projects and degree programme development.

We cultivate a strong network of ties to our former students. The number of IMC Krems alumni whose employers are represented at our annual Careerlinks fair is steadily increasing, and more and more of these companies now offer internships, as well as jobs for the university’s bachelor and master programme graduates.

Membership and all related services and special offers are free of charge.

Due to changed legal framework conditions, in particular the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the associated tightened liability provisions, we are forced to terminate the following Services:

The use of the UAS-email address for alumni: issued to …,, and and access to the e-Desktop for alumni with the final years of 1998 until March 2018 as of November 1, 2018, and for alumni  graduating as of summer 2018 after the expiration of six months each (example: graduation June/July2018 – deletion of UAS email address and termination of the access to the e-desktop at the end of December 2018)

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Is there also a possiblility to connet to an IMC Alumni Network abroad?

Yes, there are so-called IMC Krems Alumni Chapters in several cities around the globe. For each one, there is an IMC Alumni Ambassador the efforts in the region. Find out more about our international networks here.

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Where can I find the latest job advertisements? IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is a member of the largest alumni relations and career services network in the German-speaking countries. 


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