Induction Days

Every September, the IMC Krems kicks off the academic year with the Induction Days to welcome the new intake of freshers (regular and exchange students). These introductory days serves as an orientation phase at the start of the degree programme and is jointly organised by the Rectorate, student representatives and ESN Krems. It also underlines the University’s mutual efforts to ease new students’ entry into campus life and helps them to form a close-knit community spanning the individual degree programmes. This introductory phase includes several modules. The Rectorate module focuses especially on general degree programme aims, university-level learning and presenting the IMC Krems as an educational institution.

Comprehensive soft skills training

Personality training courses are included in every IMC Krems curriculum. These courses provide an effective link between soft skills and the hard theory taught in each degree programme. The courses on offer include presentation techniques, team building, mediation, coaching, team training and communication training. Our approach ensures that IMC Krems students have all the skills required for their career start and subsequent promotion to high-responsibility executive positions.

Easing the stress of finding accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation is the most important issue for students who are unable to live at home. After all, studying, making friends or celebrating good times is much easier together with fellow students. Since finding the right place to live is often quite challenging, especially for incoming students, IMC Krems students have set up the platform. This service, aimed at new students, provides valuable advice on housing, part-time jobs, and leisure activities in Krems. For students, the platform serves as an interface between the degree programmes, the universities, and the City of Krems. The IMC Krems offers this service free of charge, but takes no responsibility for the quality, furnishings or cost of the housing offered. The Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) homepage features a (German-language) section devoted exclusively to student accommodation.