ÖH IMC Krems (Students’ Union)

Welcome to the „ÖH IMC Krems“ (Students’ Union)

The ”ÖH IMC Krems“ (Students’ Union) is the official representation of all students and their link to the academic, administrative and managing staff of the IMC FH Krems. Furthermore, the students’ union is offering advisory services regarding legal, social and financial matters for all students.

The representation on the federal level is called “Österreichische Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft” (Austrian Students’ Union) and is based in Vienna. It represents more than 300.000 students in the whole country, who are required to contribute by paying a mandatory membership fee every semester.

Student Representatives

The “ÖH IMC Krems” (Students’ Union) consists of students that are elected democratically and work voluntarily on different levels of the student representation. Every student is more than welcome to actively participate in the process of representation.

Please visit the page ”ÖH IMC Krems“ at the eDesktop to get a better insight into the work of the Students’ Union.

Contact Information

Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft an der IMC FH Krems
Piaristengasse 1, 3500 Krems, Austria

Office:  Campus West, Office E.04

E-Mail: info@oeh.imc-krems.eu
FB:        fb.com/oehkrems