International focus

Placements at more than 130 partner universities worldwide await our students. Students can also choose from a pool of over 1,000 national and international partner organisations for their research training or internship.

What does an “international focus” really mean for IMC Krems students?

As the first Austrian higher education institution to offer English-language degree programmes and compulsory internships abroad, internationalisation is one of our core principles. Some degree programmes are offered exclusively in English, which also boosts our students’ mobility.

What international benefits do IMC Krems students enjoy?

  • Enhanced foreign language skills
  • English-language degree programmes
  • International networks comprising partner universities and businesses
  • International internships and study abroad semesters
  • Strong intercultural skills
  • Programmes designed to meet international academic standards

We are continually expanding our international network of partner universities, higher education institutes and businesses.

As a result, during their degrees our students come to view increasing globalisation and international networks as a positive influence for their future careers.

List of partner universities