Head start on your career path

Education tailored to the professional world delivers excellent career prospects

Mandatory internships

give full-time students the chance to come into contact with national and international companies, and leave a lasting impression with their performance and skills set. This allows many graduates to avoid the sorts of common career-entry obstacles they would otherwise face. And a smooth transition from university to professional life also eliminates the need to send off countless job applications and dazzle a job interviewer.

Practice-based education

provided by lecturers with extensive professional experience is another reason why university of applied sciences graduates have fewer problems finding a job. These instructors inform students about professional job profiles and often act as talent scouts for prospective employees.

Broad range of subjects offered

in some degree programmes also simplifies career entry for university of applied sciences students, making them team
oriented all-rounders who require little additional training.

Strong relation with industry

The opportunity for students to write their bachelor’s or master’s thesis during their internship creates a strong bond with the host company. Students can demonstrate their theoretical knowledge by researching a company-specific issue. In many cases, this close collaboration with their internship host company leads to a job offer.

Advantages for part-time students

Part-time students can develop professionally and enhance their qualifications with an IMC Krems degree. Teaching schedules have been specially designed to satisfy part-time students’ needs.

Reconciling the academic, job, partnership, family, and leisure time demands of a part-time degree requires highly developed self-management and time management skills.