We did it! Outstanding certification results for IMC Krems

IMC Krems’ internal quality management system has been awarded certification by evalag, a highly-respected evaluation agency based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Under the Hochschul-Qualitätssicherungsgesetz (Higher Education Quality Assurance Act), higher education institutes in Austria have to be externally audited at least every six years.

“IMC Krems sees this compulsory certification as an opportunity to receive independent, external feedback on our quality management system and its development, and to initiate an internal process of critical reflection,” explained IMC Krems CEO Ulrike Prommer. With this in mind, the university also underwent a voluntary, two-stage on-site inspection to send a clear signal of its intention to enhance the quality management system and drive forward improvements with external assistance. 

The recertification underscores the high quality of the Health Sciences, Business Studies and Life Sciences degree programmes offered by the university, which was established in 1994.

Outstanding quality in all areas

The evalag auditors reported that IMC Krems has a highly developed quality management system which addresses all services and interdisciplinary areas. The auditors evaluated the university’s strategic objectives, quality management policies, closed loop quality processes, as well as its use of an information system to support quality management, its governing bodies and decision-making processes, internal and external transparency and reporting, and quality culture. The team of auditors were unanimous in their decision to award certification, making only a single recommendation. Six of the seven categories were assessed as “Very highly developed” and the remaining category as “Good to very highly developed”.

“This is an excellent outcome and confirmation that we are on the right path. We’re delighted with the outstanding results of this assessment,” said a proud Ulrike Prommer.

Deep local roots, strong international focus

In terms of internationalisation, the auditors rated the university’s quality management as very good, emphasising that, as an “enterprise with a focus on family-owned and -run businesses ”, it is especially well adapted to local circumstances. They endorsed the establishment of the International Welcome Center.

evalag was impressed by the decentralised organisational structure and the large number of departmental offices, which are easily accessible for students. It also praised the open door policy and direct lines of communication with the Quality Management department.

“In addition to its practical courses, IMC Krems also stands out for its pronounced international outlook, high quality standards and collegial atmosphere. The comprehensive range of foreign language courses offered by our Language Center, the Founders Lab for start-ups and the university’s Career Center are just a few of the elements which contribute to the high quality of education at IMC Krems. It’s very satisfying that our efforts in all of these areas have been acknowledged,” commented Rector Eva Werner following the evalag evaluation. 

Incentivising research

The auditors commended the way in which IMC Krems involves students in research at an early stage through its cleverly designed training and incentive system. Researchers at the university receive a great deal of support with organisational aspects of project implementation, which was another element that scored highly.  

“We’re also very proud of the positive feedback on our research activities, which evalag described as very well thought out. Driving forward research and the effective implementation of successful research projects are our top priorities,” said IMC Krems CEO Prof. Karl Ennsfellner, who was very pleased with the results of the evalag audit. 

About evalag

The strengths of evalag (Evaluationsagentur Baden-Württemberg) are its methods-based and professional skills, as well as the strong project focus and consulting expertise it has developed as a result of its extensive project experience. The higher education sector and its changing requirements in terms of external support are a crucial source of impetus for evalag, which utilises this stimulus as the basis for continuously optimising its portfolio. The agency is now firmly established as a comprehensive centre of excellence for the higher education sector.

The certification is valid until 2024.

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