Stanford’s Dr. Scott Bristol joins teaching staff at IMC Krems

One of the current highlights on the Department of Business master degree programmes at IMC Krems is the course titled Authentic Influence taught by former Stanford lecturer Dr Scott Bristol.

Former Stanford Professor Scott Bristol is a lecturer at IMC Krems.

Bristol’s Interpersonal Dynamics course at Stanford Graduate School of Business, which is described as a “highly personalised learning experience”, is now firmly established. Almost 90% of MBA students there take the course, affectionately referring to it as “touchy feely”.

Added value for students

Department of Business master programme students can enrol on Scott Bristol’s Authentic Influence course, where they discover how to foster the kind of effective relationships built up by successful managers and consultants. Participants apply what they have learned in groups of 12. “It’s important for our managers-to-be that they learn how to positively influence relationships in the workplace and with customers in an authentic way. Interpersonal dynamics are key to this. This approach had a huge impact at Stanford,” explained Prof. Wolfgang Vrzal, head of the Business Administration and Management institute at IMC Krems.

The appointment of a lecturer from such a prestigious American university further strengthens the reputation that IMC Krems enjoys for the international outlook of its teaching and learning. “My congratulations to IMC Krems for having such inquisitive students”, commented the experienced Dr. Bristol when reflecting on his first semester at the university. “As a behavioural scientist and educator, my passion is learning about and teaching how emotions and values influence interpersonal and group decision-making as well as intrapersonal identity development.  My teaching approach is geared towards skills acquisition in three areas of behavioural competence: emotional literacy, values literacy and identity literacy,” he explained.

Students become tutors

Selected students who took Scott Bristol’s course during the winter semester will have the opportunity to play the role of facilitators in his summer semester sessions. These students will each act as a kind of tutor under Bristol’s supervision, and receive a certificate that the course team are sure will look very good on a CV.

International cooperation with a focus on the States

IMC Krems is well-known for its emphasis on creating a strong international focus. The university regularly initiates partnerships and projects to create unique opportunities for its students. Besides the appointment of Scott Bristol, IMC Krems is also currently cooperating with Saybrook University in California.

In profile: Scott Bristol

Dr. Scott Bristol is the creator of the Life Journey Map, an online value measurement tool and an educational methodology for bringing about meaningful change at individual, group and cultural level. He lectured at Stanford Graduate School of Business for 12 years.

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