Proud to be a graduate: IMC alumna Maiju Matikainen about her special study experience and the job opportunities afterwards

International Business and Export Management graduate Maiju Matikainen is working as Global Project Management Office & Staff Assistant at HOERBIGER in Vienna. She explains why studying at the IMC Krems was the right decision and how she got her job at HOERBIGER.

IMC Krems International Business and Export Management Master alumna Maiju Matikainen tells us about her study highlights and her career path since leaving university.

Why have you chosen IMC Krems for your Bachelor and Master studies?

Maiju Matikainen: I was especially fascinated about the possibilities to go abroad and that an internship was a mandatory part of the studies. Also the closeness to Vienna was an important factor for me. Moreover, I had heard a lot of positive feedback about IMC Krems – for example that students are more than a number on the attendance list. Also the fact that the university of applied sciences would offer a lot of additional assistance was an important factor. After my successful completion of the Bachelor programme Export-oriented Management, I did not even consider other options than International Business and Export Management for my Master’s degree.

What were your special highlights during your Study?

As funny as it might sound, but the absolute highlights have been the numerous group works conducted during the studies. Whether it was a video about change management, a consultancy presentation in front of the top management, a brown paper process, an organisational culture report for a firm or just a regular seminar paper. The group works have included conflicts, frustration, laughter, satisfaction and celebration. They enabled the possibility to form lifelong friendships, learn new aspects about myself and network for the future.
Studying at IMC Krems has given me lots of new friends from all over the world, and a few soul mates as well with whom I am in contact almost on daily basis. I’m also grateful to still have contact with my professors and we are already having discussions about future co-operations. Concerning the extra-curricular events, I will never forget the semester opening and closing events.

What was the „added bonus“ at IMC Krems?

The added bonus for me was the close co-operation with various companies. Just to name a few touchpoints: Management Dialogues, Career Days and all the courses where we visited partner companies.

How did you get your job at HOERBIGER after your Master examination?

I did my five-month internship in Pompano Beach, Florida, where HOERBIGER has a production plant. During that time, I was part of a tooling project, conducted day-to-day business related activities in the purchasing department, and was a part of the team establishing a totally new business unit. The internship was great to get to know the company and also learn about my strengths. Moreover, I asked for a possibility to write my Master Thesis for HOERBIGER. I was granted the chance to write it for the new business unit. The Master Thesis was an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with the organisation. Eventually, as a result of the successful internship and Master Thesis, I was offered a position to start my career at HOERBIGER.

Can you give us a quick insight into what your role at HOERBIGER is?

As Global Project Management Office & Staff Assistant, I’m working on daily basis with project management – not only on a local but also on a global level – together with my colleagues focusing on operational excellence. Currently, I’m working on several project, for example for the Shop Floor Management project for the production plant in Florida.

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