Educational Contract

For legal reasons, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is obliged to conclude an educational contract with every prospective student to determine the mutual rights and obligations and to record the legal framework. This educational contract contains the following main points.

Object of the agreement and legal basis

  • Title of the study programme, intake semester and code of studies
  • Legal framework (University of Applied Sciences Studies Act, University Quality Assurance Act, relevant specific laws for the respective study programme and internal regulations)

Rights and obligations of IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

  • Providing the study-specific teaching and maintenance of the proper UAS routines
  • Issuing  of documents (transcript of record, certificates and diploma)
  • Transmission of the statistical data to the competent bodies according to the Austrian act governing educational documentation
  • Saving and processing of the student’s data (personal data, photo, etc.)
  • Rules for contacting students and communication steps

Rights and obligations of the Student

  • Ensuring proper academic performance as required by the study and examination regulations, following instructions given by the degree programme director and/or the lecturers and compliance with academic standards and internal regulations
  • Obligation to gather information about dates, deadlines etc. on the eDesktop and/or from E-Mails, compulsory attendance in courses and lectures, compliance with deadlines and examination dates
  • Providing evidence of further requirements according to the curriculum
  • Compliance with the House Rules and Regulations and with safety regulations, liability regulations in case of infringements of these rules
  • Disclosure and continuous updating of data according to the Austrian act governing educational documentation, respecting the intellectual property rights of the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems (registered logo and trademark etc.)
  • Reimbursement of expenses for required equipment and/or clothing
  • Prompt notification in case of accidents or incidents without delay to the UAS

Rules about interruption of studies Rules about the termination of the Student agreement

Obligation to pay the tuition fees according to legal regulations

Rules about the compulsory membership of the student in the Austrian Students’ Union and about the obligation to pay the respective membership fee

Regulations regarding the rights of use and utilisation regarding final papers as well as intellectual creations of the students

Rules with respect to the possibility and/or obligation to initiate a Conciliation Committee

Final provisions

  • The Austrian law shall be applicable
  • Amendments of the agreement shall be made in writing