Commitment to social causes

Junge Uni – the Youth Uni of IMC Krems

Curiosity and fascination are drivers of innovation and success – and the inquisitive youngsters of today are the innovators and success stories of the future. This not only sums up the guiding principles of IMC Krems’ Youth Uni; it also reflects the commitment to sparking a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of science among children and young people. The Youth Uni 2015 focused on the topic of innovation and pioneering spirit. Innovation and inventions are engines of economic growth and employment, and many innovations fundamentally change our lives and habits. Together with the university’s lecturers, the kids embark on an exciting journey through the world of innovation and invention, with the aim of arousing the participants’ inquisitiveness and eagerness. In 2016, the motto of the Youth Uni is “We are the world” which perfectly reflects the importance of social responsibility and awareness.

Social initiative – IT equipment

New computers were installed in the PC labs in summer 2015. The old PCs that were still in working order were donated to charity. A total of 140 monitors with keyboards and mice, as well as 10 PCs and numerous monitor and power cables were handed over to SOCIUS, an independent, non-political organisation dedicated to fighting against poverty in Austria. As part of its Com4Kids project, SOCIUS refurbishes old monitors and PCs before passing them on to families with children living close to or below the poverty line. This ensures that devices we no longer need are put to good use.

SeniorInnenUNI university for senior citizens

The university offers training to retirees. Participants develop skills that allow them to live independently in old age, as well as acquiring knowledge and abilities required to take part in activities after retirement. Discussing academic topics can help to make the “third age” more fulfilling by opening the door to active aging. The four-semester programme covers topics from the university’s core subject areas – business, health and life sciences – as well as specialised courses on participation in community life/communal management and health and prevention.