Sustainability and the environment

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is committed to meeting its responsibilities to society and the environment, and to conserving resources in the long term. The university’s operations are intended to serve as an example of the values and attitudes that we aim to pass on to our students. This is why promoting synergies between environmental, social and economic factors, with the aim of creating a sustainable higher education institution, is one of our leading priorities.

University education is characterised by constant interplay between continuity and change, as well as between preservation and renewal. These characteristic that are thus also important for IMC Krems. We aim to give students – our most important stakeholder group – the ideal tools required for a successful future, by means of excellent and progressive teaching. The outstanding design and practical focus of the degree programmes, coupled with curricula geared towards future requirements, are intended to equip students for the roles they will take on in their careers and in society. This is reflected in the university’s procedures and supported by a process of continuous improvement.