Quality management

Quality management at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems involves a series of control systems for managing the institution’s key processes and related quality dimensions.

Our distinctive quality-centred culture is reflected primarily in the following core business processes

  • Strategic and operational management
  • Education (studying and teaching)
  • Research and development
  • Internationalisation

In 1995 the IMC Krems took the decision to implement a quality management system that complies with international standards, and the institution has been ÖNORM EN ISO 9001 certified since 1997.

Organisational structures and processes are regularly reviewed and adapted in line with the current strategic objectives of the individual departments and the latest requirements of the standard.

This process is supported by annual, voluntary external audits, and recertification every three years by independent, external authorities in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 19011:2003.

The main objectives of these reviews are

  • Implementing Strategy Targeting the Future – quality management as an integral component of the overall  management
  • Optimising the process-based organisational structure
  • Optimising educational and R&D processes
  • Integrating stakeholders more effectively
  • Enhancing quality assurance and the transparency of all processes
  • Improving processes involving several departments
  • Promoting a learning team mentality by retaining knowledge and sharing it across the internal network

As an internationally recognised institution, the IMC Krems is committed to obtaining Austrian accreditation and voluntarily meeting international benchmarks.

Achieving the standards applied within the European Higher Education Area and beyond is a major priority of its degree programmes.