Hon.Prof.(FH) Mag. Martin Schwarz

Lecturer Tourism and Leisure Management

+43 2732 802

Lehrveranstaltungen an der FH Krems:

  • Cultural Tourism

Kernkompetenz/Core Competences:

  • Culture Tourism

  • Global Marketing

  • Arts, Culture Entertainment Management

  • Event Management

  • Brand land-, Heritage site- and theme park development Media, communication, P.R. and cooperations

Betreuungsbereiche Masterarbeit/Fields for Master Theses:

  • Analysis of tourism / HR in the world of the performing arts and museums
  • forms of volunteering (analysis of friends of...organizations)
  • financial development in cultural institutions (forms of income)

  • business and the arts, how they meet this challenge in times of crisis

  • marketing the arts (analysis of various art forms) - with special focus on the targer group tourism Tourism destinations
  • analysis and segmenting of tourim impact on heritage sites, theme parks, cultural destinations, festivals etc.

  • revitalization of cities, districts

  • development criteria

  • Creative Industries: innovation in tourism and relevance to culture tourism Expos, new innovative festivals as tourism attractions Etc.

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