The IMC Krems underwent a major strategic realignment in the year 2015, all under the slogan of “Targeting the Future”. Growth through continuous quality improvement and a further strengthening of our international focus constitute the core elements.

Continuous quality improvement

The continuous improvement of our quality and quality culture on all company levels, measured by international standards and involving our stakeholders, guarantees that the IMC Krems continues to play a leading role within the Austrian education sector.

Growth in teaching and research

The number of students at the IMC Krems will further grow until 2020, both in Austria and in transnational programmes abroad.

Another avowed focus of the company’s strategy is growth in applied research, especially within the research areas already defined.

Strengthening of our international focus

Internationality in all areas of the university is still a major principle at the IMC Krems. Internationality in teaching, mobility of students and employees, transnationals programmes, international partnerships in research – all these elements strengthen our international profile.

Besides the three major cornerstones quality, growth and internationality, the IMC Krems is conscious of its social and ecological responsibility, which is practiced and lived in all areas of the company, including teaching and research.