Academic Board

Teaching and examination procedures are designed and implemented by the Academic Board, which was introduced in 1999. The board’s chairpersons are elected in accordance with the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (Fachhochschul-Studiengesetz) and the board’s current procedural rules.

The procedural rules also specify that it is made up of the Chair, the Vice Chair, six programme directors, six teaching and research representatives and four student representatives. The members’ responsibilities, terms of office, rules of proxy and election procedures are outlined in its procedural rules and are in line with the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act.

Under an Executive Management resolution, the Chair currently holds the position of Rector and the Vice Chair the post of Vice Rector.

As a result the Rectorate currently consists of the elected Chair and the Vice Chair.

Following the board’s meeting on 21 October 2014:

  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Eva Werner was elected Chair of the Academic Board
  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Harald Hundsberger was elected Vice Chair of the Academic Board