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Tourism and Leisure Management

Masterstudiengang / Vollzeit

Mag. (FH) Corinna Pfitzer

Absolventin Tourism and Leisure Management

"Die Internationalität, das Curriculum und vor allem der Unterricht in englischer Spra­che entsprachen exakt meinen Vorstellungen einer profunden und interessanten Ausbildung. Das Besondere an der IMC FH Krems aber – was die vier Jahre beinahe zu schnell vorbeieilen ließ – war die persönliche und fast familiär-amikale Herzlichkeit der TutorInnen und MitarbeiterInnen der IMC FH Krems."

Sandra Blöchl, MA

Graduate Tourism and Leisure Management, MA

"Through its large network the IMC Krems has great connections to industry partners and also gives students the chance to work for external projects. I got the grand opportunity to work for an external project about e-mobility, which was carried out for the Niederösterreich Werbung. Working for this project allowed me to apply me knowledge, which I have gained throughout my studies and was a great experience. Additionally I like the hands-on approach of the courses at the IMC because it has taken my learning beyond theory."

Prof. Dean Carson

Visiting Professor IMC Krems, Director of Research, Flinders University, Australia

"I have been involved in various partnership activities with IMC Krems over the past decade. The partnership has been inspired by more than a dozen Krems students who have come to Australia during that time to work on research projects at four different universities that I am affiliated with here. The students are energetic, enthusiastic, and extremely well prepared for working in a very different environment to what they are used to. The quality of the work is tremendous, but it is the quality of the people that is the most lasting legacy. The fantastic experiences around research projects have led to even closer collaboration, including my spending time in Krems teaching and exploring Austrian and well as Australian research activities. The learning culture and the collaborative culture at Krems are great strengths of the program. It is no surprise that the students we have worked with have gone on to great success in a diverse range of jobs around the World."

Igor ter Halle, MA

Lecturer / Researcher Media & Innovation

"Teaching at the Master Days at IMC Krems was a real  treat. The students were highly motivated and engaged in the material.  I think I learned as much as my students! Also the hospitality ot the IMC Krems-team, the great dinners with colleagues, the international spirit and the beautiful  location in the Wachau valley made this an unparalleled experience."

Dr. Susan Howard

Guest lecturer IMC International Master Days, Holland College, Prince Edward Island, Canada

"IMC Master Days at Krems is a unique approach to expose graduate students in various disciplines to academic and business experience from across the world. The concept of bringing a world class conference to students by inviting partner schools to present creates an amazing opportunity for learning and networking by speakers and students alike. The hospitality and collegiality made for a great experience and in keeping with one presentation, an opportunity for us all to increase our cultural competence. IMC Krems understands and demonstrates the value of educational experience."

Einar Svansson, BSc, MSc

Assistant professor, doctoral researcher in customer innovation

"It surprised me how pleasant the environment was and that combined with very modern facilities welcomed us in IMC Krems to create a very positive experience. On top of this the group of teachers was very international and open for cooperation and good communication that can be built on. Last and not the least I have to mention the superb service and hospitality of the very professional staff at the international office that planned our week in a sophisticated and warm manner that made sure that all our visit and work was carried out in a proactive way to our students that were engaged and receptive to our knowledge. I really want to visit IMC Krems again as soon as possible."

Nancy Chesworth, PhD

Associate Professor at Mount St. Vincent University

"IMC Master Days at Krems was an exceptional experience. Working with a group of highly responsive, engaged students was a great pleasure. The modern, well cared for facilities provided an excellent environment in which to work. Impromptu discussions with experts in such a wide variety of fields, brought forth a synergy seldom found in academia. I enjoyed every minute of my time at Krems. I just wish it had been longer!"

Alexander Josiassen, BA, MSc, PhD

Center Director, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School

"I was impressed with the physical surroundings. The lecturing facilities are excellent and the IMC Krems is situated in the very cozy town of Krems. I also found the faculty members and staff I got into contact with to be very open, interesting, and pleasant company."

Mag. (FH) Marita Raderbauer

Absolventin Tourism and Leisure Management

“Das Besondere am Studium an der IMC FH Krems war für mich der internationalen Fokus und die breitgefächerte Aufgabenstellung, sowie die engagierten Professorinnen Professoren und die motivierten Studienkolleginnen und -kollegen. Durch diese Grundvoraussetzungen konnte ich ein fundiertes Fachwissen aufbauen. Die Erfahrungen, die ich machen durfte und die gewonnen Kontakte und Freundschaften begleiten mich seither jeden Tag.“

Jose F. Moreno

Guest lecturer IMC International Master Days, University of the Incarnate Word, USA

"The Master Days on IMC Krems are a total success. This event gives the opportunity to students and faculty to share not only their knowledge on their specific areas, but also their  international experience. The Master Days create a global environment that is really difficult to duplicate in any other part of the world."

Vivian Scheiber, BA, MA

Absolventin Tourism and Leisure Management, MA

"What fascinates me about IMC Krems is that even though they offer a highly qualitative and professional education, the atmosphere on campus and throughout all communication with prospective and current students is very familiar and welcoming."

Emöke György, MA

Graduate Tourism & Leisure Management, Master

"I have chosen the IMC Krems because of the specialization subjects for the tourism industry in the curriculum as well as the mandatory practical training semester, which is a great combination to put theory into Praxis."

Mag. (FH) Stefan Heinisch

Graduate Tourism & Leisure Management, Mag. (FH)

„Nach insgesamt 15 spannenden Jahren im Tourismusmanagement - davon 10 Jahre als Geschäftsführer der Bad Kleinkirchheimer Tourismus Marketing, in denen ich für die regionale Destinationsstrategie, Markenentwicklung, Kommunikation sowie Angebots- & Produktentwicklung verantwortlich war - übernehme ich im September 2015 die Geschäftsführung des Vereins "Zukunftsorte Österreich", da ich den Wunsch nach einem Branchen- und Perspektivenwechsel hatte. Meine zentralen Aufgabe sind fortan die inhaltliche und strategische Weiterentwicklung des Vereins und das Projektmanagement der Plattform der innovativen Gemeinden Österreichs. Nähere Infos siehe Mehr über mich auf meinem Blog:

Mag. (FH) Barbara Pia Hartl

Absolventin des Diplomstudienganges Tourism and Leisure Management

"Organisationen, Unternehmen, Gesellschaften und Individuen stehen heute vor neuen Herausforderungen: völlig neue Geschäftsmodelle, Technologiesprünge, Verknappung von natürlichen Ressourcen und gesellschaftliche Umwälzungen. Deshalb arbeite ich gemeinsam mit meinen Kundinnen und Kunden an sinnvollen, achtsamen, smarten, kooperativen und innovativen Wegen zur Gestaltung ihrer Projekte, ihrer Vorhaben und des Wandels."

Dr. Scott Bristol, Ed.D.

Lecturer, Standford Graduate School of Business, author of the Life Journey Map®

"As a behavioral scientist and as an educator, my passion is focused on learning about and teaching how emotions and values influence interpersonal and group decision-making, and intrapersonal identity development. My pedagogical orientation is aimed at skill acquisition in three areas of behavioral competency: Emotional Literacy, Values Literacy, and Identity Literacy. I intentionally use the term "literacy", recognizing Dweck's work on the importance of framing a skill as a "growth mindset" (literacy) vs. a "fixed mindset" (intelligence). My 12 years as a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, working with over 1400 MBA's, allowed me to hone my learnings into "Authentic Influence" that is now offered at IMC Krems."