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Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Masterstudiengang / Vollzeit

DI (FH) Rita Seeböck, PhD

Absolventin Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Projektleitung IMC FH Krems Department Life Sciences

"Im Rahmen der Praktika habe ich meine Vorliebe für Monekulare Biotechnologie entdeckt. so anstrengend die Laborübungen auch waren, sie waren das Wertvollste im Studium und eine hervorragende Vorbereitung für mein Berufsleben."

Tamás Fülöp

Master student from Hungary

"I never felt so secure about my future worklife since I got a placement at the IMC's bachelor/master programme. Studying with all my multicultural friends in our programme gives a great opportunity to get ready for my international career."

Ph.D. DI Dr. Peter Ertl

Part-time lecturer, Senior Scientist, BioSensor Technologies, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

"Biotechnology is a dynamic industry that offers a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing, to research and development, to manufacturing and quality control and assurance. Although a profound scientific knowledge is important, basic skills such as computer use, effective written and verbal communication is needed to be successful at the work place. In my opinion the IMC Krems  addresses these important aspects in its medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology programme and trains students to be well-rounded in all subject areas."

Nico Jacobi, MSc

Absolvent Medizinische und Pharmazeutische Biotechnologie, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit Department Life Sciences

"Ich lerne tagtäglich Neues dazu und durch ein Auslandsstudium oder -praktikum sehe ich auch mehr von dieser Welt. Heute zählt die Internationalität."

Nicole Dvorak,BSc

Absolventin Bachelor und Masterstudierende

"Nach dem Abschluss meines Bachelorstudiums musste ich mir überlegen wo es für das Masterstudium hingehen soll. Schnell war mir klar, dass ich eine so familiäre Atmosphäre wie an der IMC FH Krems nicht so einfach wieder finden werde. Die Möglichkeit im Rahmen des PTS und ARTS ein Semester lang im In- und Ausland Praxiserfahrung zu sammeln ist eine unglaubliche Gelegenheit und öffnet schon während des Studiums wichtige Türen für spätere mögliche Jobchancen in der Biotechnologie. Dass die kleine Stadt Krems auch noch in mitten der wunderschönen Wachau liegt, und unendliche Outdoor-Aktivitäten bietet, ist noch ein zusätzliches Plus für mich hier weiterhin zu studieren."

Tamara Zmölnig, MSc

Absolventin Medizinische und Pharmazeutische Biotechnologie,Trainee at Sandoz Talent Excellence Program

"Studying at the IMC Krems was the right choice. The multidisciplinary approach there and the hands-on experience, especially the Applied Research Training Semester (ARTS), helped me get a good overview of the options available after graduating. Moreover, it was encouraging to have constructive conversations with the on-site and visiting experts. We were exposed to Academia, as well as the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry. The know-how gathered while studying at the IMC, and also while working part-time at a Biotechnology company, prepared me for this next step. These experiences can now be applied in the various global and local interdepartmental projects that I will be involved in.”

Dr. Scott Bristol, Ed.D.

Lecturer, Standford Graduate School of Business, author of the Life Journey Map®

"As a behavioral scientist and as an educator, my passion is focused on learning about and teaching how emotions and values influence interpersonal and group decision-making, and intrapersonal identity development. My pedagogical orientation is aimed at skill acquisition in three areas of behavioral competency: Emotional Literacy, Values Literacy, and Identity Literacy. I intentionally use the term "literacy", recognizing Dweck's work on the importance of framing a skill as a "growth mindset" (literacy) vs. a "fixed mindset" (intelligence). My 12 years as a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, working with over 1400 MBA's, allowed me to hone my learnings into "Authentic Influence" that is now offered at IMC Krems."

Danielle Joseph, Msc

Absolventin Medizinische und Pharmazeutische Biotechnologie

The most important thing for my job entry were definitely the practical experience during my study at the IMC. Throughout the whole studies I was eager to get some experience through internships in summer and part time jobs in industry and also research. Especially the “Applied Research and Training Semester” (ARTS) at the University of British Columbia, Canada was a very good experience and helped me a lot. The great Network of the IMC enables the students to get research and industry experience in any kind of direction and the professors will support you in finding an ideal ARTSPlacement.