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International Business and Export Management

Masterstudiengang / Vollzeit

Mag. (FH) Michael Bauer

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, Manager Corporate Finance bei Greentube

"Ich denke, dass man in einer globalen Welt, gerade in der Wirtschaft, nicht an der Internationalität vorbeikommt. Gerade die internationale Ausrichtung, die Studiensprache Englisch, die zwei Auslandssemster und die starke Praxisorientierung waren der Grund für meine Wahl.  

Was mich aber besonders überzeugte, war, dass es damals schon Aufnahme Interviews gab, die sicherstellten, dass die Leute, die dort waren, auch wussten, warum sie dorthin wollten. Außerdem war es immer eine überschaubare Gruppe an Studierenden, was die Qualität innerhalb der Studiengruppe erhöhte."

Georg Eitelbös, MA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, High-Performance Coach, Model

"Was die IMC Fachhochschule Krems auszeichnet, sind praxisrelevante Lehrinhalte - und noch besser, die Chancen mit Top-ManagerInnen und erfahrenen Praktikern aus der Wirtschaft zusammenzutreffen."

Mag. Michael Hamedinger, MA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, MA, part-time

"Thanks to my working experience I already have a great insight in daily export business; however, I try to extend my theoretical knowledge by doing the Export-oriented Management Programme at the IMC Krems. My approach is to link personal experience in the export business with theoretical background gathered from courses taught at the IMC Krems. 

I value the possibility to talk about daily problems with lecturers and colleagues and analyse differences between theory and real life situations (which doubtlessly exist). Therefore, I always try to link topics of different classes and discuss controversial statements of other courses with lecturers to get a coherent picture. I believe real life cases and projects help to immediately adopt theory to daily business solutions.  

In addition, language courses offered in the Export Programme give me the chance to foster my existing language skills and enlarge knowledge about cultural differences paired with raising communication possibilities."

Evgeniia Kochetkova, MSc

Absolventin Export-oriented Management, full-time

"At first my main reason for choosing IMC Krems was the opportunity of completing an internship abroad. I believe this is extremely beneficial for future career development especially for international students. During the program we had many assignments of a practical nature that came close to reality. I found this very interesting and educative because it helped me to understand what my tasks might be in a future professional life. 

I understand that the world is getting increasingly connected, I find it very important to have international experience because it improves interpersonal skills significantly and broadens personal perspectives."

Dietmar Stefl-Sedlnitzky, BSc, MA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, part-time, IT Manager & System Engineer bei ORF

"I did my bachelor studies mainly in the technical field of software architecture with additional lectures on various management topics. The Export-oriented Management Masters Programme at the IMC Krems meets my interests and requirements for my future career by offering a wide range of general international management lectures with real-life case studies and projects. 

I live together with my wife and son in Graz where I also work; studying part-time is the only possibility for me. I believe that the Export Master programme part-time offers great flexibility for an appropriate but, of course, challenging work-life-studying balance. 

Moreover, Krems is a nice town and a great place for studying. I especially enjoy the premises of the study programme in a historical building of the Piaristen monastery; it makes it a fantastic experience."

Stephan Spindler, BA, MA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, part-time, Firmenkundenbetreuer - Projekt & Gewerbekunden Raiffeisenbank St. Pölten

"If you are looking for a wider perspective, recognizing that business doesn’t stop at national borders, I would highly recommend the Export-oriented Management Master Programme in order to get a sustainable international education and to broader your horizons. 

Due to the international focus of the studies, many people from all around the world are my study colleagues. This makes it very easy to get to know different cultures and have discussions and project work together with people from different backgrounds. The composition of students in each cohort makes daily study life exciting, enriching and valuable. This is especially important when studying part time because it makes it a lot easier to cope with difficulties in terms of motivation and time. 

Furthermore, studying the international way does not just mean learning theoretical inputs; it means building a global network, dealing with various cultures and being open minded whenever necessary. In order to develop these skills we have a chance to take part in study trips which are organized through the university."

Christoph Oppitz, BA, MA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, full-time, Junior Produkt- und Marketingmanager Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. KG Krems

"In the Export-oriented Management Master Programme students are inspired to think outside the box to find alternative solutions for a problem; I think this is very valuable and essential for upcoming graduates. 

The lecturers encourage discussions and appreciate and remunerate good arguments. With all courses being held in English, I believe that this programme is a good preparation for a future career in a globalized world."

Henri Miettunen, MA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, full-time

"I think that the IMC Krems relays on individual commitment of students and the curriculum leaves time for other undertakings in life. Moreover, by choosing various specializations students can become strong all-rounders rather than narrow-minded specialists. Therefore, Export students and graduates act as ambassadors of the programme improving international recognition of the university and strengthening its good reputation globally."

Mag. (FH) Michael Ornik, MBA

Graduate Export-oriented Management, Project Manager, Restructuring & Corporate Finance at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

"Studying at the IMC Krems was a great experience! With its thorough curriculum and the international environment offered, it prepared me well for my current job, in which I am dealing with international clients and colleagues on a daily basis. If I would have to decide where to study today, I would again choose IMC Krems."

Mag. (FH) Janina Müllner

Graduate Export-oriented Management, Associate Social Infrastructure Finance bei Erste Group Bank AG

"There are some factors which made the programme at the IMC Krems outstanding and unique. The opportunity to study in English was an excellent preparation for my current job in one of the largest Austrian banks. My daily work includes dealing with international clients, carrying out large financing transactions in the field of infrastructure and project finance in the CEE region. IMC Krems gave me the opportunity to spend three semesters abroad. I learnt how to deal with cultural diversity and increased my tolerance and open-mindedness. This significantly promoted my successful development in a multicultural corporation."

Mag. (FH) Mirjam Blechner, MSc.

Graduate Export-oriented Management, Senior Account Executive bei Microsoft

"Sofort würde ich wieder Exportorientiertes Management studieren. Zu verstehen wie Unternehmen in all ihren Aspekten von Buchhaltung bis Marketing und Vertrieb funktionieren, zu erlernen wie man Projekte erfolgreich managt und in den Genuss einer soliden Sprachausbildung zu kommen, gibt einem Absolventen eine exzellente Basis für einen erfolgreichen Start in die Berufswelt. Zusätzlich bereichert die internationale Ausrichtung des Studienganges und öffnet neue Türen zu fremden Kulturen."

Igor ter Halle, MA

Lecturer / Researcher Media & Innovation

"Teaching at the Master Days at IMC Krems was a real  treat. The students were highly motivated and engaged in the material.  I think I learned as much as my students! Also the hospitality of the IMC Krems-team, the great dinners with colleagues, the international spirit and the beautiful  location in the Wachau valley made this an unparalleled experience."

Dr. Susan Howard

Guest lecturer IMC International Master Days, Holland College, Prince Edward Island, Canada

"IMC Master Days at Krems is a unique approach to expose graduate students in various disciplines to academic and business experience from across the world. The concept of bringing a world class conference to students by inviting partner schools to present creates an amazing opportunity for learning and networking by speakers and students alike. The hospitality and collegiality made for a great experience and in keeping with one presentation, an opportunity for us all to increase our cultural competence. IMC Krems understands and demonstrates the value of educational experience."

Einar Svansson, BSc, MSc

Assistant professor, doctoral researcher in customer innovation

"It surprised me how pleasant the environment was and that combined with very modern facilities welcomed us in IMC Krems to create a very positive experience. On top of this the group of teachers was very international and open for cooperation and good communication that can be built on. Last and not the least I have to mention the superb service and hospitality of the very professional staff at the international office that planned our week in a sophisticated and warm manner that made sure that all our visit and work was carried out in a proactive way to our students that were engaged and receptive to our knowledge. I really want to visit IMC Krems again as soon as possible. "

Nancy Chesworth, PhD

Associate Professor at Mount St. Vincent University

"IMC Master Days at Krems was an exceptional experience. Working with a group of highly responsive, engaged students was a great pleasure. The modern, well cared for facilities provided an excellent environment in which to work. Impromptu discussions with experts in such a wide variety of fields, brought forth a synergy seldom found in academia. I enjoyed every minute of my time at Krems. I just wish it had been longer!"

Alexander Josiassen, BA, MSc, PhD

Center Director, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School

"I was impressed with the physical surroundings. The lecturing facilities are excellent and the IMC Krems is situated in the very cozy town of Krems. I also found the faculty members and staff I got into contact with to be very open, interesting, and pleasant company."

Jose F. Moreno

Guest lecturer IMC International Master Days, University of the Incarnate Word, USA

"The Master Days on IMC Krems are a total success. This event gives the opportunity to students and faculty to share not only their knowledge on their specific areas, but also their  international experience. The Master Days create a global environment that is really difficult to duplicate in any other part of the world."

Mag. (FH) Michael Teubenbacher

Absolvent Exportorientiertes Management,Unternehmensberatung Change Management bei CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG

"Wenn ich die IMC Fachhochschule Krems in zwei Sätzen beschreiben müsste, dann würde ich sagen dass es in Österreich vermutlich kein besseres Sprungbrett für eine internationale Karriere gibt. Dabei geht es nicht nur um vermittelte Sprachkenntnisse und das gelernte Fachwissen, sondern vielmehr um eine generelle Offenheit für den Blick und den Schritt über die Landesgrenzen hinaus. Insofern hat das Studium in Krems im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes meinen Horizont maßgeblich erweitert."

Im Jahr 2004 wurde Mag. (FH) Michael Teubenbacher der Würdigungspreis des BMBKW für seine Diplomarbeit zum Thema „Basel II and the European Capital Adequacy Directive – Levelling the playing field in the financial markets – Austrian SME on the way to new (financial) horizons?” verliehen.

Mag. Peter Hennebichler

Director Corporate Sales & Marketing, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG

“Mergers & Acquisitions are an integral part of the corporate environment and development. Students at IMC Krems are studying the course from a managerial as well from a financial  perspective. The aim is to foster a deeper understanding of its drivers and risks using practical examples.”

Dr. Scott Bristol, Ed.D.

Lecturer, Standford Graduate School of Business, author of the Life Journey Map®

"As a behavioral scientist and as an educator, my passion is focused on

learning about and teaching how emotions and values influence

interpersonal and group decision-making, and intrapersonal identity

development. My pedagogical orientation is aimed at skill accquisitation

in three areas of behavioral competency: Emotional Literacy, Values

Literacy, and Identity Literacy. I intentionally use the term

"literacy", recognizing Dweck's work on the importance of framing a

skill as a "growth mindset" (literacy) vs. a "fixed mindset"

(intelligence). My 12 years as a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at

Stanford Graduate School of Business, working with over 1400 MBA's,

allowed me to hone my learnings into "Authentic Influence" that is now

offered at IMC Krems.