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Export-oriented Management

Bachelorstudiengang / Vollzeit

Birgit Beham, BA, MA

Absolventin Export-oriented Management,Property Preview GmbH

"Was die IMC FH Krems auszeichnet sind praxisrelevante Lehrinhalte -  und noch besser: Wir hatten die Chance mit Topmanagern und erfahrenen Praktikern aus der nationalen und internationalen Wirtschaft zusammenzutreffen."

Mag. (FH) Michael Ornik, MBA

Graduate Export-oriented Management, Project Manager, Restructuring & Corporate Finance at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

"Studying at the IMC Krems was a great experience! With its thorough curriculum and the international environment offered, it prepared me well for my current job, in which I am dealing with international clients and colleagues on a daily basis. If I would have to decide where to study today, I would again choose IMC Krems."

Mag. (FH) Janina Müllner

Graduate Export-oriented Management, Associate Social Infrastructure Finance bei Erste Group Bank AG

"There are some factors which made the programme at the IMC Krems outstanding and unique. The opportunity to study in English was an excellent preparation for my current job in one of the largest Austrian banks. My daily work includes dealing with international clients, carrying out large financing transactions in the field of infrastructure and project finance in the CEE region. IMC Krems gave me the opportunity to spend three semesters abroad. I learnt how to deal with cultural diversity and increased my tolerance and open-mindedness. This significantly promoted my successful development in a multicultural corporation."

Theresa Zwickl, BA

Absolventin Export-oriented Management, consultant at StuCon Junior Enterprise

"I informed myself about several study possibilities throughout Austria and beyond to find a programme that reflects my interests and a university that provides the best possible service and quality. Although my expectation was very high it was met by the IMC Krems. I am impressed by the high level of support we are receiving from the office, the professors and student representatives. Every student is valued and solutions are found for specific requests. In today’s competitive environment the international experience (through an exchange semester and a practical training semester) and the languages we are studying give us an advantage. Nowadays, a proficiency in English is essential in the business world, which the export students can provide. Furthermore the IMC Krems always co-operates with the industry and projects with companies give us a deep insight into the business world. Concluding it is worth mentioning that the team spirit of my class is amazing and that Krems provides everything a student needs."

Vera Pichler, BA, MA

Absolventin Export-oriented Management, Beraterin Unity Austria GmbH

"Striving for a study programme in the field of business, which is characterised by high quality lectures, practice-orientation and internationality, the Bachelor degree programme “Export-oriented Management” was the perfect choice for me. Especially the international environment at the IMC Krems and the possibility of spending two semesters abroad were convincing factors for me. Your time at the IMC Krems will shape you and prepare you for your future professional life in a globalized environment."

Mag. (FH) Mirjam Blechner, MSc

Graduate Export-oriented Management, Senior Account Executive bei Microsoft

“Sofort würde ich wieder Exportorientiertes Management studieren. Zu verstehen wie Unternehmen in all ihren Aspekten von Buchhaltung bis Marketing und Vertrieb funktionieren, zu erlernen wie man Projekte erfolgreich managt und in den Genuss einer soliden Sprachausbildung zu kommen, gibt einem Absolventen eine exzellente Basis für einen erfolgreichen Start in die Berufswelt. Zusätzlich bereichert die internationale Ausrichtung des Studienganges und öffnet neue Türen zu fremden Kulturen.“

Mag.(FH) Michael Teubenbacher

Absolvent Exportorientiertes Management, Unternehmensberatung Change Management bei CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG

"Wenn ich die IMC Fachhochschule Krems in zwei Sätzen beschreiben müsste, dann würde ich sagen dass es in Österreich vermutlich kein besseres Sprungbrett für eine internationale Karriere gibt. Dabei geht es nicht nur um vermittelte Sprachkenntnisse und das gelernte Fachwissen, sondern vielmehr um eine generelle Offenheit für den Blick und den Schritt über die Landesgrenzen hinaus. Insofern hat das Studium in Krems im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes meinen Horizont maßgeblich erweitert."

Im Jahr 2004 wurde Mag. (FH) Michael Teubenbacher der Würdigungspreis des BMBKW für seine Diplomarbeit zum Thema „Basel II and the European Capital Adequacy Directive – Levelling the playing field in the financial markets – Austrian SME on the way to new (financial) horizons?” verliehen.

Lisa Pulsinger, BA

Absolventin Export-oriented Management, Sales Programs Event Specialist at Oracle

"Das persönliche und transparente Aufnahmeverfahren und die professionelle Online-Bewerbung haben mich unter anderem überzeugt, mich für die IMC FH Krems zu entscheiden."

Martin Wiesler, BA

Absolvent Export-oriented Management, Junior Financial Controller at Pernod Ricard

"The IMC Krems embodies internationality and a practical approach to studies. For me that is the unique chance to not only be perfectly prepared for my future career, but also to enjoy my time studying in an international environment, which is broadening my horizon every single day."

Anna Kovacevic, BSc

Absolventin Export-oriented Management, Cabin Crew at Emirates

"I appreciate the international focus, the possibilities to go abroad and the cooperative relationship between IMC Krems and students."

Abhinav Garg, MBA

Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

"This exchange has really changed me for the better, and I am going home with memories and an experience that would last a lifetime.

I would also like to thank you once again for your warm welcome and being there for us to solve our silliest of queries.

I am going to tell all the students from my home university about your wonderful school, so you can expect more exchange students from India in the future."