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Business Administration

Bachelorstudiengang / Vollzeit

Michael Schilling, MA

Bereichsleiter Produktion und Abteilungsleiter Projektmanagement, TEST-FUCHS GmbH

"Im Bereich des internationalen Projektmanagement ist die Kombination von Talent und fundiertem Wissen entscheidend. Das Bestreben des Studiengangs nach der Qualitätsführerschaft mit Praxisbezug macht dieses Studium zu einer soliden Basis um sein Talent für zukünftige Aufgaben weiterzuentwickeln und das benötigte Basiswissen zu erlernen."

Sabine Baier

Studierende Business Administration

"Right away after my graduation from school, I knew that I want to study in an English Bachelor Program. The reason why I chose Business Administration is the two specialisation opportunities corporate communication and project management as well as its curriculum. The international atmosphere in combination with diverse subjects also made it very attractive to me. When I had the interview for the program, I experienced the whole campus and Krems itself and instantly knew: this is where I want to be and study. What I like the most is our international Professors, who come from the industry, and provide us with useful insights into / knowledge about today’s challenging economy. Now I am looking forward to my practical training semester and gaining my own experiences in the world of work."

Liana Abraham

Student Business Administration

"Business Administration is a great study programme as you are still quite free to decide in which department you want to work in a company afterwards. During your studies, you are getting qualified in a wide range of subjects. Moreover, the two majors from which one can choose here at the IMC Krems are in my opinion the most interesting (as well as really useful) ones concerning the international labor market. Another reason why I chose this study programme is due to the fact that it is taught in English. This aspect makes the programme even more international, which is nowadays getting more and more important due to globalization.

I believe studying in a business-related English Bachelor degree programme is also really helpful, if you aim to graduate from an MBA programme abroad, which all together is the perfect foundation for working in an international company, whether the position is in Austria of in a foreign country."