Alumni Best Practices Webinar: "Employer Branding in practise - a marathon, not a sprint!"

Under the title „Alumni Best Practices“ we present successful alumni who are committed to share their knowledge with our student and alumni community. Another alumni webinar with a very up-to-date topic will be conducted in June. You will receive many insights into practical usage of an employer brand manager and you can compare perfectly theory (what you have learned during your studies) and a real business case (how is it done in business life). Moreover, you get an overall summary oft he enterprise ERBER AG. Birgit Leitner is Marketing and Sales graduate of the imc and since more than three years Head of Employer Branding at ERBER Group.

Termin 23.06.2017 12:30 bis 13:30
Veranstaltungsort Online Webinar
Name Mag. Tina Weiss
Kontakt 02732 802 530
Teilnehmer IMC Alumni (and friends). Studierende, Lehrende, MitarbeiterInnen
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