Singidunum University to sign second agreement for Master in Business

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Belgrad/Krems: Vicerector of IMC Krems, Dr. Karl Ennsfellner and Rector of Singidunum University, Dr. Milovan Stanisic were glad to deepen their cooperation.

Looking forward to a prosperous future cooperation: fltr.: Slobodan Unkovic, Dr. Karl Ennsfellner (IMC Krems), Dr. Svetlana Stanisic, Dr. Christine Juen (IMC Krems), Rector Dr. Milovan Stanisic and Marija Vasic, MA from Singidunum University, Belgrad, Serbia.

Another cooperation agreement for a new transnational programme in Business (Master level) was signed between Singidunum University and the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. The Serbian university has become a close partner in terms of transnational progammes.

Transnational education is geared towards developing and implementing accredited degree programmes in collaboration with universities based in the respective country. The IMC Krems currently works with a number of foreign partner universities to provide transnational programmes tailored to the needs of the local education market.


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