IMC student publishes Masters thesis results in international journal

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Thekla Kainz, student of the health management institute of IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, published parts of her master thesis research in an international journal.

Thekla Kainz research was well accepted by the Canadian ‘Journal of Rural and Community Development’.

A peer reviewed article in the Canadian ‘Journal of Rural and Community Development’ written by Thekla Kainz (masters student, health management) was published recently. The publication was drawn from her Masters thesis research which she conducted during her internship at the ‘Centre for Regional Engagement’ at the University of South Australia in Whyalla. The partner university of the IMC Krems is very interested in continuing research exchange with the IMC health management department in the future.

This is a great achievement for Thekla Kainz and it shows that IMC student research is well recognised within the international academic community. 

Download the entire article


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